A Word From Some Of The Team: This Last Year

We’ve all felt the impact of COVID, we had to change and adapt our ways of working.

Last week we spoke about how we felt about Freedom day

This week some of team talk about how they feel about everything that has happened this past year.

Kicking off team talk with an insight from Iain Aitchison.

How Iain’s found this last year:

“It’s been an interesting year with all the challenges of the pandemic, finding new ways of working and still being effective. The last 3 months have been the most challenging with issues on pricing, costs and workforce. It’s been busy and varied. A good year, with definitely more ups than downs, despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

Team Talk continues with an insight from Jade Walker.  

How Jade’s found this last year:

“It’s been a very different and difficult year; it has forced us to adapt a lot as a team. The last few months have been crazy with keeping up with current workload and demand, the whole industry is feeling the effect.

My role has changed to the financial side of the business, which has enabled us to scrutinise all aspects of the business more since COVID. Before COVID we were contractors fulfilling contracts as well as developers, however we have recently started to branch out and diversify our business. It’s exciting to see where this will take us, we are a very different company than 18 months ago but for the better.”

An insight from Mark, Walker Group’s Operations Manager.

How Mark’s found this last year:

“What can I say, there’s been a lot of change at Walker Group, we’ve had to adapt, find new ways of working which really helped with the smooth running of projects, sites and managing the teams.

For the most part this last year we’ve managed well considering all that’s gone on but these past few months have been crazy; workloads, isolations and manpower, I think most of the industry is feeling the same way right now.”

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