Freedom Day: How We Feel About It

As named in the media, Freedom Day, July 19th is a milestone for us all in this get back to normal” road map set out by the government.

Another big day follows when changes to self-isolation rules become a reality, as announced by the Health Secretary.

“From 16 August, double jabbed individuals and under 18s will no longer need to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19”.

Great news as most of our team and the country are vaccinated.

In recent months, there was a rise in people isolating, so we hope these changes will have a positive result and reduce the isolation disruption.

Walker Group and the construction industry felt the impact of restrictions, lockdowns, isolations, and workforce shortages, as many other businesses and people have.

We reacted to change and the situations, market conditions, reallocated resources and prioritised:

  • Covid
  • Recruitment
  • Resource
  • Rising Costs
  • Work Loads

Walker Group’s schedule for our new office development, The Façade, has changed whilst we overcome challenges and remain focused on clients’ projects.

We’re working with the resources we have, to provide a first-rate service for all our clients. Works stopped on our new office build, and we are aiming to resume works later this year, Autumn/Winter.

We have put a lot of measures in place over the past 16 months, these measures have worked to date, so as we have successfully managed to remain working, sites open and fulfilling projects we will be keeping many of the new processes as they benefit everyone.

The safety and well-being of our team and others is paramount.

We’ll be following guidelines and carrying out testing where necessary on a daily basis to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Safety Measures:
  • Smaller Site Teams
  • Direct to Site Travel
  • Deliveries Direct to Site
  • Smarter Use of Technology
  • Improved Communication
  • Emergency Toolbox Briefing
Works Indoors For Homeowners:
  • We will call prior to arrival to ensure everyone in the house is symptom free, in good health and happy for our contractors to enter your home.
  • For indoor / smaller projects Walker Vans are fitted with welfare facilities and hygiene stations thus ensuring good hand washing routines can be maintained. (On larger sites and projects we provide mobile hygiene units and Portaloos)

Should the situation change again, we are a lean family business able to adapt quickly.

Be assured we continue to work safely to the guidelines and we provide regular updates here in the news section and on social media: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook & Instagram

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