Subterranean Drainage Works, Nottingham

Settlement of the over site spoil had displaced the drainage network under the footprint of the property.

We have faced and overcome challenges this site presented from having to excavate under the property and the restricted site.

A safe means of access and egress was formed with an entrance created under the ground floor suspended slab. Now halfway through the project, following site investigation works including drainage camera surveys, trial holes, tunnelling, shoring and groundwork complete, we are now working on the drain repairs.

“It was never going to be a simple job, calling on our specialist skills and equipment we were confident in our abilities to get what was needed to be done within the restricted space and time scale. I am proud of the way the team have handled the complexity of this project for our client with minimal disruption to the homeowner and the local community”. [Chris Walker]

The project is now complete, happy customer, happy team!

“Walker Builders have restored my faith in the building trade! They’ve just completed a long and difficult job to replace the drains underneath my house and despite the difficult working conditions they turned up on time every day and grafted through intense heat and torrential rain to get the job complete in the shortest possible time. Every member of the Walkers team who visited the site for whatever reason was courteous and quite simply a pleasure to have around.  Great job, thank you!” [Homeowner Notttingham]

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