We Recycle Waste

Walker Group recycle waste wherever possible:

  • Bricks, mortar and concrete for our construction site use or crushed down to make bases for roads
  • Trees and wood products reused where possible or converted to mulch
  • Metals for smelting and conversion into other products
  • Paper and board for pulping
  • Plastic crates, containers, bags and sheets (where reusable)

Not only does recycling waste reduce disposal costs, by doing our bit we are contributing to the building industry reducing waste and helping to use materials in a better way.

There are many opportunities for us to reduce waste between our sites. Building waste materials such as bricks, concrete and wood can be downcycled for various purposes within our construction projects. According to some reports it can be as much as 10 – 15%.

If it is not reused on site the waste materials are then returned to our yard, separated into categories, for reusing on future projects or transported to recycling plants.

To help reduce the amount of waste we produce and consider how materials will be managed, we have site waste management plans in place to ensure what materials can be recycled effectively before a project starts.

“From ground to stone walling, road surfaces to temporary site access, effective use of waste material is something we always aim to do. It might not always be possible but if we can we do. A recent example is the demolition waste from the old buildings at the new yard in Denby Dale being crushed and will be reused as hardcore” Chris Walker [MD]

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