Simpson Apartments 

Client: Adair Paxton Location: West Yorkshire

Following a site visit regarding water ingress to ground floor apartments from balconies above, and after reviewing our files and investigation works with NHBC previously, we believed the issue to be a failed cavity tray on the party wall above and DPM on the party walls on the balcony.

To rectify this issue, we proposed the following works;

  • Provide independent scaffold to front elevation
  • Provide temporary protection, externally and internally where needed
  • Remove steel balustrade, set aside for refitting later
  • Cut out external brickwork, to the apartment and temporary prop as required
  • Insert new cavity tray
  • Reinstate external brickwork
  • Take down and set aside blockwork balcony walls and cappings to either side on balcony and front elevation
  • Provide Newton waterproof membrane application to perimeter
  • Reinstate balcony walls and perimeter and railings
  • Make good internal decoration to hall and bedroom area, including stain stop and 2 coats of emulsion


Also starting the works on the apartments either side by stripping down the boundary block walls on the balcony above.

Progressing to phase 2, working on the next block.