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We specialise in investigating, reporting and repairing all water ingress issues. With the British weather being what it is, water ingress is one of the main remedial projects we receive. Wet patches showing on your ceilings and walls can have a serious effect on the decoration of your home and if you have just purchased a new home this can also be very upsetting. Some causes are: – The cavity tray, a waterproof membrane within the brickwork above openings being damaged. Our teams using their training and experience will remove the bricked area and replace the damaged membrane, therefore repairing the issue at its source. Defects in the roofing materials, our experienced roofers will identify the issue and repair from source, to eliminate further disruption to your homes. The lead which is used to stop rainwater entering between junctions in the roof elements being badly fitted or damaged. Our teams will remove the surrounding roof area and fit new lead to the correct standards. Once dampened areas have dried there will be an agreement for making good the internal areas.