Water Damage In Your Property Is a Problem

Water coming into your home or building is an issue and needs to get sorted straight away.

We’re often asked to investigate water leaks in homes and buildings, as water ingress is another one of our specialist skills.

What Causes Water Damage

Leaks are not the only source of water damage; it can just be condensation.

Yes, condensation can damage your property and can also be the source of unsightly damp patches and black mould which is a health hazard.

Condensation is often caused by too much humidity in your property, turning down the heating, letting air circulate can help but it’s better to get it checked and mould removed.

Condensation is a common problem, especially in winter, and as we’ve all been spending more time in doors, we’ve seen an increase in damp issues recently.

Turning up the heat with windows closed whilst: showering, baking and drying laundry, the warm air hits cold surfaces then turns to water, those water droplets are the route cause of water damage.

How You Can Sort Condensation Problems In Your Property

Start by removing excess water from surfaces and clean effected areas. Once clean and dry you need to start to consider what changes you have to make to prevent it happening again.

How Can You Prevent Condensation In Your Property?

To avoid condensation becoming a long-term problem, do what you can to prevent it happening.

The good news is there are some easy steps you can do today to help prevent the build up of humidity and moisture causing damp patches in your property.

  • Good ventilation
  • Good installation
  • Regulate the heat in your property

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