Unexpected Challenges

Decisions we make in our industry are depended on reliable information and initial investigation reports.

Even though investigation works have been carried out and the scope of work is defined, following comprehensive instructions, specialist contractors specified, and engineering reports already created but some projects can present unexpected challenges and works can change for us. 

But we can’t always predict outcomes with 100% certainty until setting up on site.

The project can be planned with meticulous detail, scope of works approved and teams in place but issues outside our control can arise that can cause delays to a project and therefore bringing the project to a halt.

This is where you come to realise how well your site management teams perform for you.

We have experienced project management teams who can react quickly to overcome issues that may arise. Factoring in all aspects of the best solutions to effectively reduce downtime, and delays in productivity until new reports can be created and scope of works revised.

A recent example: subsistence was initially reported but when we removed the floor to the building water below the ground was pushing the water upwards and further investigations were required bringing a halt to the project.

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