Chevin Clock Tower

Client: Avant Homes Duration: Ongoing Location: West Yorkshire

Walker Builders were initially asked to partner with Avant Homes on the detailed stonework restoration associated with the Grade II listed Clock Tower Building in August 2017.

Working to exacting standards and approved drawings our experienced stonemasons and associated tradesmen have provided the skills required to sympathetically transform the former administration building into residential properties whilst maintaining the overall Gothic Victorian design from the initial build in the later 1800’s.

Most of the stone features to doorways and windows were maintained and where new openings formed, we sourced the necessary matching materials using our network of local suppliers and stone yards.

Along with the stonework package we were also successful in being awarded the contract for the external rendering works which have been phased in with the overall programme.

In January 2020 we were approached to assist with the specialist roof slating restoration works which had slipped behind on the main programme and threatened to delay the overall completion of the Clock Tower phase. Within a short space of time, our roofing teams were able to close the programme down. Our strength was not only in the skills set and dedication of our trades people but also in our ability to source the natural matching materials.