We're Not Fans Of “Team Pages” But We Love Our Team!

When starting to develop our Walker.Group website we knew what we didn’t want. You know that “team page” where half the team look like they don’t want to be there or over styled images to capture their personality (which are great on some sites) but just not for us!

So, part of our strategy for you to get to know us better was to capture our people at work in their teams.

We’ve really enjoyed getting out on site, seeing client projects underway and experiencing first-hand the homeowner relationship and how conscientious the team are when they are at work.

Listening and understanding work relationships, how the changes we have implemented in recent months has affected them personally and the impact it has had on their day to day operations has been great.

We are always evaluating and assessing where we can improve ways of working but a key part of that is to better understand the team wants/needs.

Some are more camera shy than others, Josh! But the shots of our apprentices moving through the ranks, father and son teams, and the office team, recently shared on social media have really captured our ethos, Walker Group values and the family business we are.

In the coming months we’ll be sharing more of the team and project insights on social media so follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest from the team 😉

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