Everyday Challenges:

Working On Behalf Of Clients For Homeowners

Managing expectations is a huge part of what we do and a challenge we face everyday in our line of work, as a construction company working nationally in remedial repair and house building services.

Our exceptional customer care, high standards, quality service and workmanship have earned us the respect of major housing developers, insurance providers and managing agents. Respect that has seen the expansion of Walker Group built on solid recommendations.

Not only do we manage expectations for our clients, but we also must ensure homeowners are informed and aware of the process. 

We are contractors working on behalf of our client for the homeowner.

As contractors this often means we visit the home to investigate the problem before reporting back to the client, seeking client approval of the project, and in turn being appointed to facilitate the works order. 

This process can sometimes be confusing for the homeowner, some are anxious about having contractors working in their home. 

This is where our experience and communication skills are critical, evaluating and clarifying any concerns the homeowner has and relaying those to our client.

We do all we can to reassure and bring clarity to the homeowner of the work we will be doing for them, on behalf of our client once the project is approved. 

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