Dyehouse Court

Client: Avant Homes Location: West Yorkshire
Working on several projects like this Walker Builders are experienced in replacing damaged cavity trays which are the main cause of damp patches above windows, doors and the junction to a flat roof.
In this instance the damaged cavity tray was at the junction to a bay window. The project consisted of Walker Builders removing the brickwork above the bay window to enable the insertion of a replacement cavity tray ensuring a 25mm downturn over the existing flat roof apron upstand. Weep vents were installed to allow any water getting to the cavity tray an easy route to the outside of the building. Once the new tray is in place the brickwork is replaced and the joint is sealed.
Before Walker Builders are able to start a project, we ensure the homeowner’s property is fully protected to avoid any damage. On completion we always aim to leave the property clean and tidy.