Balancing On-the-Job & Off-the-Job Training

In 2020, 15% of our annual workdays were external training days.

As a business we are constantly growing and evolving, we invest in our team training at all levels. 

On-the-job and off-the-job training is vital to the success of our business. Throughout the business we ensure our team’s skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Walker Group provide our team with the tools they need to do their job efficiently and effectively, we expect our high standards to be maintained. On-the-job and off-the-job training benefits us and our clients, we benefit from a highly skilled workforce and the employee develops the skills and qualifications they need to progress their career. 

All this training comes at a cost but is essential:

  • Time and money searching for great talent
  • Time to onboard new employees
  • Time to ensure new members of the team understand their job and responsibilities
  • Resource and productivity on projects.

Walker Group employ a diverse workforce with different skill sets and abilities, from labourers to apprentices to experienced tradesmen and site agents, which is all considered when planning training methods:

  • On-the-Job, hands on learning from experienced team members
  • Classroom, required qualifications to meet industry standards
  • Equipment and machinery.

Training course costs, wages and downtime are all factored in to building a skilled and happy workforce who exceed client expectations.

It is vital we have the right mix of skilled and experienced workers to continue to deliver projects our clients want. 

Walker Group offer a wide choice of construction trades, if you’d like to start or develop your career in the industry with us drop us your CV 

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